Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weddings & Chocolate: A Marriage Made in Gourmet Heaven

Chocolate Mixed Nut Bark Wedding FavorLike most single women, I've given a lot of thought to my eventual wedding. My ideal wedding has changed a lot over the years, but my feelings toward food has remained largely the same. Two of my favorite things--coffee and chocolate--have always figured heavily in my menu of choice. Lately, my dream wedding reception includes a full service coffee and cappuccino bar accompanied by a buffet of gourmet chocolate desserts. The table would be fully stocked with creamy fudge, delectable truffles and various chocolate-covered fruits... every chocolate fantasy you have ever entertained would be fulfilled in that buffet.

Now, another important part of the wedding planning is wedding favors. A really good wedding favor, in my opinion, should be something your guest would be glad to receive and is preferably consumable (personally, I'm not a big fan of monogrammed knick-knacks). The perfect answer? Chocolate, of course!

The Sweet Somethings kitchen has recently been putting a lot of time into producing chocolate wedding favors. Some of the items we're currently offering include gourmet chocolate truffles, adorable cupcakes and cookies, chocolate coconut clusters, and our most recent treat, chocolate raspberry cremes. All our wedding favors are packed in adorable little boxes with custom colors and ribbons available to suit your various wedding pallets. Sweet Somethings custom chocolate wedding favors are guaranteed to delight your guests--they go great with a good cup of coffee.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Chocolate Dreams

Chocolate Cappuccino Truffle CakeOur family has always valued togetherness. What better way, my father proclaimed, for the family to be together than for us all to work together in some sort of family enterprise? And with that, we started "the family business", a title that has referred to quite the myriad of projects.

You may wonder what this has to do with chocolate. Well, we are a primarily female family (eleven of us to their three). Women love chocolate! All we girls one day decided to try our hand at chocolate production, since we had a couple of really good recipes. Our family was already participating in craft and trade shows around Michigan with another product, so we added a couple boxes of fudge to the table.

Success! Our fudge was an instant hit. At that point, the entrepreneurial wheels really started turning and we began experimenting with flavors oils and nuts to make our little fudge table better and better.

Within a year, Sweet Somethings Fudge had traveled to craft shows all over Michigan and beyond. We've never been afraid of travel, and our chocolate table has graced Home & Garden shows in many of the eastern and southern states.

These days we've evolved some. Our name has changed slightly--we're now going by Sweet Somethings Chocolate Company--and our product base has widened considerably. We're now offering thirteen different flavors of fudge, gourmet truffles, chocolate bark, turtle pretzels (a personal favorite), and more. Not only that, but we've recently added wedding cakes and party favors to the mix.