Friday, January 23, 2009

Gift Baskets are Here!

Actually, the truth is, they've always been here since the start of our company, but it's only been over the last few holidays that we've done much about them.

Our gift baskets are unique in that you can "custom design" your basket (or box or mug) from our selection of goodies, giving you the flexibility to give what you want and spend what you want! (Now you tell me how that's a bad thing.) For those of you who don't want to wade through our online menu, we offer pre-assorted baskets at set prices.

This month, we bring you the new Valentine's Day gift baskets! These are awesome--they even include some specialty items not listed on our website... currently they're only found at our local craft shows that we attend. *drumroll please*...

Chocolate Dipped Orange Biscotti!

They're amazing. Freshly baked and hand-dipped, even. Oh, and did I mention humongous?

Did I also mention... we ship! All of you out-of-towners and citizens from faraway lands need not suffer. :)


The Valentine's Day gift baskets are now available for order online!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine Treats are Here!

2009 has been an exciting year for us so far! We're taking our company into bigger and broader markets and filling more and more bulk orders. We now have some exciting new additions to our menu as well... Valentine treats! PLUS, these goodies aren't even online yet so you're getting a sneak peak!

Chocolate Fudge Hearts, Sugar cookies, or Chocolate Moulds in custom shapes, these treats are the perfect Valentine gift or party favor.

Until they've been added to our website, orders can be placed over the phone or by email. We're taking pre-orders now so this is the perfect time to get in touch!

To see more pictures, you can also head on over to my photoblog.

(Information on bulk orders can be found on our website.)

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