Saturday, May 30, 2009

June Featured: Chocolate Licorice Fudge

I was asking my mom the other day what our June featured product should be and she said, "fudge."

As general as that may be, why not have our best product be our feature? Fudge it is!

As a company, we're run the standard gamut of taste-testing, experimenting with various flavors while perfecting the tried and true. My dad is behind pretty much all off the more interesting options we've tried, usually pushing them through with a fair amount of skepticism from the production staff (aka, the rest of the family :))

Every once in a while, though, I will admit, he's come up with a winner.

For our focus on fudge here, I'd like to talk about our Chocolate Licorice, one of his proudest achievements. While the prospect of chocolate and black licorice together might make you feel a little uncertain, it's become one of our most distinctive flavors!

At shows, we like to tell people that if they like black licorice, they will like this fudge. If not, than they probably won't. Pretty easy way to tell, right?

This June, I invite you to try our Chocolate Licorice fudge, a true culinary triumph! ;) I'd also like to invite you to visit our table at a craft show... you can sample it there for free. Check out our calendar for details.


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